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Knowledge is spirit. It is a gift passed on through many people. We must pass it on.

Elder Albert Marshall

The goal of the Network is to support Indigenous-led health research in Atlantic Canada. In doing so, we seek to expand research capacity and help meet the needs of Indigenous early career researchers and trainees at all post-secondary levels. Our Network, at its core, is guided by spirit, ceremony, and storytelling.



1. Support the next generation of Indigenous health researchers;


2. Leverage the mentoring capacities of our existing network of 60+ researchers and Indigenous community health partners;


3. Integrate a Two-Eyed Seeing framework into research, mentorship, and education;


4. Help create supportive university environments that welcome, encourage, and promote the capacity of Indigenous students and early career researchers in Indigenous health;



1. Elder and Knowledge Holder, Health Scholar, and Peer mentorship for our trainees;

2. Support connections between Indigenous communities, scholars, and trainees;

3. Design and offer post-secondary and professional learning initiatives including summer institutes and field schools;

4. Provide scholarship and seed grants for Indigenous students, trainees, and early career researchers;

5. Conduct a needs assessment of community-research priorities, assets, and resources.

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